Trade + Freight Economics

EBP (formerly EDR Group) assesses the effect of economic growth and location trends on domestic and international commodity flows. This provides a basis for identifying the economic opportunities, impacts and benefits associated with freight facilities, services, policies and investments. The firm works for national, state/provincial and local agencies, as well as for industry groups.


EBP’s trade and freight economics services include:

  1. Forecasting implications of emerging economic trends and alternative scenarios on markets, commodity flow patterns and productivity,    
  2. Documenting the economic role of freight rail, marine port and air freight facilities, and industry dependence on them,
  3. Evaluating the economic importance of freight-generating industries and their supply chains, and
  4. Calculating the economic benefits and impacts of proposed new freight facilities.

EBP has led the development of economic analysis methods for freight investment evaluation, through studies for the FHWA Office of Freight, the American Association of State Highway and Transportation Officials (AASHTO), and other national groups.