FHWA Active Transportation Innovative Finance Toolkit

EBP, in conjunction with ICF, developed guidance and toolkit to assist municipalities in identifying and implementing innovative financing strategies to finance active transportation projects, including bicycle and pedestrian project delivery.

This project provided FHWA with a vital missing piece supporting innovative financing for active transportation projects - an especially challenging topics as these projects tend to be smaller in scale and in their funding requirements.

Drawing on EBP’s extensive experience in preparing technical guidance and case study support for value capture and other innovative finance options, the project focused on ways that value capture and other innovative finance could be scaled to address the unique needs of financing bicycle and pedestrian project projects. This project included organizing and supporting a stakeholder oversight panel, inventorying applicable practices for value capture and small project finance, and creating a set of case studies and finance strategies drawn from real-world experience.

The project also included delivery of a web-based toolkit that included case studies, authorizing legislation and policies, processes and methodologies, and applicable references, resources, and procedures that agencies are able to use to explore options when implementing innovative finance strategies. A national webinar and marketing plan were also included in the set of final products developed for this project.