VIA - Value Impact Analysis Tool

For the Maricopa Association of Governments (MAG) in cooperation with the Pima Association of Governments (PAG) and the Sun Corridor Metropolitan Planning Organization (SCMPO), EBP developed a methodology and tool to optimize planning, evaluation, project selection and public involvement discussions of proposed transportation investments in the fast-growing Sun Corridor mega-region anchored around the Phoenix and Tucson metro areas. This work is part of the first four National Economic Partnership grants from the Federal Highway Administration to support interagency cooperation in planning and policy.

The focus is on understanding the economic value and economic benefits of large and high capacity ground transportation investments in the Sun Corridor, including freeway, BRT and rail options for serving the region’s travel demand. The project added new equity, job quality, land valuation, and spatial detail to traditional benefit-cost analysis and economic impact analysis tools. Key questions that answered in the toolkit being built on top of the TREDIS model for this multi-agency mega-region include: how accessibility improvements and job growth accrue to populations of concern, what share of jobs provide high quality-of-life and long-term potential, and how accessibility changes will increase or decrease development pressures in the region. The project produced user guidance on developing inputs, interpreting outputs, and incorporating the tool into new and existing business processes for the agencies.