Uber's Economic Impacts Across the United States

For Uber Technologies, Inc., EDR Group (now EBP) measured the full economic impact of Uber across the U.S., the first study of its kind to examine the economic impact of transportation network companies (TNCs), also called "ride-hailing" or "ride-sharing."  EDR Group developed a series of reports covering the economic impacts for the nation, three states, and four metropolitan markets.

The study assessed the many ways in which benefits are received and costs are incurred by TNC drivers and TNC riders.  A key contribution of the study was to estimate the amenity benefits riders and drivers receive through use of the platform. Both gross and net effects on the economy were calculated.  In addition, the value of amenity (non-monetary) benefits reported by drivers and riders were looked at. The study involved detailed surveys completed by 9,818 riders and 11,282 drivers along with economic benefit and impact modeling. The rider analysis specifically examines users alternative travel options if a TNC was not available and connections with other modes.

 Uber's Economic Impacts in the United States

 Uber's Economic Impacts in California

 Uber's Economic Impacts in Florida

Uber's Economic Impacts in Texas

Uber's Economic Impacts in the Houston Area

Uber's Economic Impacts in the Pittsburgh Area

Uber's Economic Impacts in the San Francisco Area

Uber's Economic Impacts in the Miami Area