Texas Emerging Technologies Plan

For the Texas Department of Transportation (TxDOT), EBP was part of a team creating the nation’s first statewide emerging transportation technology plan. 

EBP reviewed and analyzed existing plans, programs, and studies underway or recently completed by the State, the 25 metropolitan planning organizations (MPOs), and any rural transportation organizations.  Additionally, the firm assessed the ‘state-of-the-practice’ by reviewing national reports (e.g., APTA, FHWA, NCHRP), and reviewing best practices in peer state agencies and peer MPOs. Gaps relative to current State practices were identified for future considerations. Using this material, EBP developed a summary report documenting the State’s recent and on-going initiatives to other agency and national best practice publications. 

In addition to the plan review, EBP also helped prepare a comprehensive plan document using condensed information from the task work products and technical memoranda that presents a clear explanation of the study process and analysis methods that integrated the various state, rural/regional, and local plans, programs and policy efforts.