Energy-Based Economic Development Plan for Red Deer County, AB (Canada)

For Red Deer County - located halfway between the cities of Edmonton and Calgary in Alberta, Canada, EBP worked with the County Economic Development and Planning staff to develop a plan of action on an alternative and renewable energy, economic development strategy through focused development at Junction 42. 

The work includes evaluating alternatives, including electric vehicle and hydrogen infrastructure, and could in turn be the nexus for future development. The County is already in the process of implementing a broader economic development plan that EBP staff helped them develop, and this opportunity builds on the foundation of that earlier work and adds a new dimension.

By examining trends in the alternative energy industry and the infrastructure available – or possible – in the region, EBP is helping Red Deer County identify new areas for investment attraction, economic and energy diversification, and for enhancing the resiliency of the community.  The firm is also helping the County to establish itself as a showcase for this new wave of innovation and perhaps lay the groundwork for greater collaboration on similar strategic infrastructure projects throughout the Highway 2 corridor.