Community Choice Aggregation: Long Beach

For the City of Long Beach, California, EDR Group (now EBP) was part of a team with MRW that assessed the costs, benefits, and feasibility of a Community Choice Aggregation (CCA) program.

Community Choice Aggregation is a hybrid energy supply model that enables local governments to pool (or aggregate) their electricity load in order to purchase and/or develop power on behalf of their residents, businesses, and municipal accounts. It is considered to offer local choice & control, cleaner more efficient supply portfolios, and perhaps more competitive electric rates. It is an energy supply model that works in partnership with the region’s existing utility, which continues to deliver power, maintain the grid, provide consolidated billing and other customer services.

The role of EDR Group in this study was to identify potential regional economic impacts for the city and immediate surrounding areas in Orange and Los Angeles counties, in terms of jobs, wages and business revenues to provide the Long Beach with a comprehensive view of the impacts that would be generated by aggregation.