Colorado Dynamic Aviation Economic Impact Calculator

EBP is developing a “Dynamic Aviation Economic Impact Calculator” as part of a system wide aviation study for Colorado DOT.  This web-based system which is hosted on our cloud servers leverages our extensive experience in creating economic impact tools for various statewide aviation departments.

The calculator shows the economic impacts of each airport, using 2018 data to present the impacts of Colorado’s airports across the state and in regions that are defined by the Colorado Office of Economic Development & International Trade (OEDIT), and for each airport.  It also enables the Division of Aeronautics to conduct scenario analyses and updates by airport based on changes to the baseline 2018 data. Examples of these analyses include evaluating how a surge in visitors, an increase in construction spending, or growth in tenants would affect the regional and state economy. At the Division’s discretion, these analyses can be incorporated into overall state and regional impacts.